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Big Announcement !

Hi Everyone,

I would like to tell you all about a huge project which I have been thinking about for a while, but decided to pull out all the stops and go for it !

Many of my followers ,friends and art lovers have been asking me if there was anywhere they could see my paintings in person. Until recently, unless they could attend an exhibition I was exhibiting in there really was nowhere to do this. So I had a brainwave and lightbulb moment.... why not create a gallery in my home ?( See l the photos and video for before and after pics)

I am lucky enough to have a spare living room which was mainly used as a junk hiding room / place for my excercise

bike / yoga space / printer and to place objects until I decided where to put them.

So my talented partner Dom put up a picture rail for me,I then spent days cleaning,painting walls, painting the fireplace rearranging furniture and then the most exciting part was hanging my paintings and seeing them all in one place......all 40 of them!. Getting new lighting and a new shelving unit from Alexander's of Ballybofey I am so happy with the results of my hard work and I hope you will too.

My good friend Mairead Glen officially opened it by cutting the ribbon

So for anyone who would like to visit my new Gallery in Ballybofey Co. Donegal , just email me, phone me / pm me and we can arrange a suitable time for your visit. A warm welcome will await you and I will offer you a cup of tea or coffee. You can peruse my paintings and prints and I will be happy to talk about the mediums used and my painting process

Contact me

Phone 0868578695

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